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Make sure you don't buy an oversized hot tub

Be sure to bring a flashlight, so you'll get an honest look underneath the spa, trying to find any drips or leaks, although on cold days some condensation water are often normal. Look closely at the pipes, fittings, pumps, blower and other equipment to see for leaks and also to see for smooth operation.

Ask the proper Questions - within the Right Way

Studies show that the way you ask an issue about maintenance issues or problems affects the probability of an honest response. Framing your questions with negative assumptions elicits more honest responses. I do know you would like to be nice, but they get the simplest information you've got to be almost accusatory. Questions about-spas. For example, asking "What mechanical issues have you ever had with the spa" will produce a far better answer than "There are not any problems with the spa, are there. When you want the unvarnished truth, you've got to invite it - don't throw soft balls, or you will get soft answers. Ask pointedly negative inquiries to get the simplest negative answers, or the foremost believable responses.

Inspecting a second hand bathtub

When buying a second hand bathtub, confirm that it's filled with water and hot, as measured by a floating thermometer. Bringing your own thermometer may be a good idea, because you cannot always trust the temperature display. 104° is that the maximum safe temperature, and for many people, a perfect bathtub water temp. If it only reads 100°, it might be any number of problems, or it just might be set too low. Turning up the thermostat should raise the water temperature fast, around 5° for each 10 minutes.

An owner's manual is often incredibly useful for running the spa through its paces, to check out all features and to diagnose any error codes, if presented. If the spa owner doesn't have an owner's manual handy, you'll be ready to find the small hot tubs for sale online and consider it on your Smartphone or tablet.

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