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Where is the best palce to find your bargain?

Imagine yourself in your outdoor jacuzzi in the middle of the winter months. Yes it is possible and at a small price !

Where to buy your spa at the best value?

In the purchase process, the price of a jacuzzi can prove to be an obstacle to selling, but the best place to find its dream spa is on the web. At Tropic Spa, we offer a wide range of quality spas at very competitive prices. You've been thinking about buying an outdoor hot tub, but the price is putting you off ? Trust expertise of the European leader of hot tubs for sale.

Idea: Install your spa under a veranda that opens and closes

In order to enjoy all year round the benefits of your outdoor Jacuzzi, install your spa under a modern veranda equipped with floor-to-ceiling windows that can be opened and closed according to the season. You will enjoy the benefits of an outdoor summer spa and an indoor spa in the winter. A spa is an investment, it would be a shame not to be able to make it profitable throughout the year. Outside, the spa opens the doors of well-being with family or friends, you can enjoy during long hours of relaxation without worrying about the protection of the ground against water. The spa can be used at night, under the stars, discreetly illuminated by candle lights. Indoors, you make the spa more intimate. Under a closed veranda, you install a moderate heat source, because the spa water is already around 37 ° C and you make the new space created, a cozy nest dedicated to relaxation and bine-being.

The warranty on outdoor Jacuzzis is included in the price

At Tropic Spa, we believe that the price of an outdoor jacuzzi should not be an obstacle between you and happiness, which is why we guarantee the quality of our products. As such, the tanks of our outdoor spas are guaranteed for 5 years and our electronic systems for 2 years. Would you like to extend your warranty period? We have implemented a 20-year warranty extension.

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