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The portable spa

The portable spa is the best-selling spa model presented in stores. If you are planning to buy a Jacuzzi, you can opt for this choice. Here is a guide that will be very useful to you.

The installation

Round, oval or rectangle, the portable spa is one of the easiest models to install because to do so, you would not have to call a professional. In addition, the technical group of the spa is already integrated there.

Thus, for the installation of your spa, all you have to do is place the pool near a source of electricity and water. For your safety and the stability of the hot tub, check that the floor of the location is strong and level enough to support the weight of the hot tub when in use.

Note that some portable spa models do not integrate the technical system into all of the equipment. Therefore, you will need to provide room for the location of the group.

If you want to personalize your portable spa, you can choose a covering of your choice: in wood for a refined look or in stainless steel for a very designer touch.

With a portable spa, you would have the opportunity to enjoy your hot tub in any part of your home ensuring that you have an electrical and water supply to fill your spa.

There is no more economical spa

The portable spa is a model designed for all budgets. This type of jacuzzi does not require major work and a professional for its installation.

As for maintenance, it requires regular water treatment like all jacuzzi for sale. Cleaning should be done without chemicals: a damp cloth will suffice. For portable spa maintenance, use a landing net to track down dead leaf debris or insects. Be sure to change the water in your spa at least twice a month by checking the pH and alkalinity of the water every 3 days. Remember to diffuse the bromine in your spa water.

If you value mobility as much as hot tubs with hydromassage jets, the portable spa is for you.

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