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A firm specializing in legal and contractual auditing in Bordeaux

Are you located in Gironde and would like to call on a specialist in legal and contractual audit? An accounting firm is at your disposal: Cocerto bordeaux. It has a team of qualified and experienced auditors, guaranteeing quality, confidentiality and respect of ethics. The most at Cocerto: a dynamic team with a perfect knowledge of the specificities governing the various sectors of activity.

The legal audit

Its objective is to provide reliable information about the company's performance and its financial situation. The statutory auditor is responsible for the preparation of reports to be presented at a general meeting. The legal audit also aims to prevent the risks and difficulties of the company, the certification of accounts, possible abusive and criminal acts.

The External Auditor takes over the following tasks:

with the aim of assessing contributions in kind in the context of the capital contribution. the so-called fusion merger which is characterized by the existence of the absorbing undertaking and the absorbed undertaking. the Commissariat for Transformation in the context of the choice of another legal form

The contractual audit

The contractual audit, on the other hand, concerns the audit carried out by the auditor on the activity of the company. It generally includes financial audit, legal audit, social audit or industrial audit. This assessment can be recommended in the context of the company's restructuring, its takeover or its merger with another company. The contractual audit is not compulsory, it is carried out on request and is the subject of a mission letter. As in the case of a statutory audit, the auditor is obliged to respect the code of ethics.

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