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Boohoo presents its new clothing collection

We all know that boohoo is an English e-shop that sells clothing and accessories for men and women, and beauty products. In full expansion in France, the influencers speak only of that. We find a lot of casual and sexy clothes, but also classic or everyday pieces that we all must have in our closet. Thus, clothes go from the simplest style to the most daring style.

Chloé B unveils her collection with Boohoo

The rooms are just crazy. It's hard for Chloe B to say the opposite because it's her own collection. The influencer works with Boohoo and presents us with a selection of pieces on the site. "I'm going out of business with the Boohoo brand," she says bluntly in her latest video.

Chloé B has actually drawn the pieces already present on the site to make its own selection. "Boohoo is a fast fashion site, that is, they put a lot of products online every day. There is not really time to design and choose the own products that I wanted for example. I just chose my favorite pieces on the site, "says the influencer. It also specifies not to decide the choice of sizes, price or quantity.

With these items small, tall and curve that are very provided and present both in the women's section than men, you will not have too much difficulty to find a garment adapted to your morphology.

What's in this selection Chloé B X Boohoo?

Chloé B has selected more than 50 pieces on the site. Jackets, fine heels as she likes, skirts, dresses but also sunglasses or a hat. Some clothes are shown worn in his last video. At the moment, all the pieces are not online. The influencer will warn us when they are.

This selection is a continuation of the collaboration between Boohoo and Chloé B. For several months the influencer had become an ambassador of the brand and often featured parts of the site on its social networks.

Once again, the online ready-to-wear brand wanted to push its boundaries by collaborating with the influencer sphere to link its products to its customers. She has already partnered with young talents, such as Jordyn Woods or Youtubeuse Aaliyah Jay, and continues to explore this path to meet and get closer to these customers.

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