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Qamis is a dress that is both elegant and practical. It has a long history that allows everyone to see a cultural aspect very present. In addition, it is quite possible to customize your qamis to improve its comfort of use and more. Easily find your custom and personalized qamis through online shops!

An accessible and customizable outfit

We all know this essential outfit that is the Qamis. It is an outfit that stands out above all for its ease of use and efficiency. Over time, she has found much more attractive attractions. Thus, from its origins until now, qamis has evolved a lot to become the fashion it is today. We can talk about art thanks to its customization, because, indeed, it is quite possible to customize your wish qamis. Both in terms of choice of fabrics or on cutting and style, everything can be worked. Professionals like Custom-Qamis offer this service to everyone. Thus, everyone can turn to this reference to have his personalized qamis wish. In addition, the fact that the shop is available online greatly facilitates exchanges, customization and ordering qamis.

Custom Qamis: from shop to history

Custom Qamis is one of the iconic figures of qamis at the moment. However, this shop was born in March 2013 with Alexandre Mimoun El Mechouri. It is the desire of the latter to want to emigrate to the United Arab Emirates which gave birth to the shop. Passing through Dubai, he discovered many craftsmen customizing wish qamis with all the means they had at their disposal. It is this innovative concept that the founder of Custom Qamis decided to bring to France. From this idea and hard work, Custom Qamis was born. Note that the strength of the store lies in the fact that it is difficult to find a personalized qamis both in France and in Europe in general. After all, the idea of ​​standardization does not please everyone.

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