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How to put together the best possible photo album

You are looking on how to make an unforgettable photo album, search no more because you are on the right place. Below are some tips on how to put together the best photo you made.

Pick a subject

You'll be able to create a photo book more easily if you've explained the theme and intent of your book (to sell, to hold photos, to impress friends ;-), etc.). From that, it'll be simpler for you to choose the style, colors, graphics, choices, and the time you’re going to spend!

Say a story

Build your book by telling a story, by following certain logic. Either you chronologically tell a story from your departure from the house to your return, or you identify your pictures by color, theme or movement.

Presentation is important

Place your book in an attractive and exclusive box for presentation. This makes the novel a lot more enchanting! When you have finished your book you should add it to your optional shopping cart.

Connect Videos to your photo book

You can insert your pictures in your book as well as your videos. Build a QR code and place it on the record. The reader will check this code on their computer and show the video!

Take those close-ups

From time to time take close-ups: of trees, clouds, meals ... You can then collect them in a document and use them for your photo book as a background. It will change backgrounds to normal!

Friendship book

Make a story book of your friends through the years, of your friendship. Gather all the memories of the times you've spent together: tickets to shows, photographs, stories. Being able to leaf through your mutual memories and enjoy this relationship is a good idea!

Your children’s drawer can be a source of motivation

Scan or take photos of the most beautiful drawings of your kids, and collect them in a beautiful photo book. They are gathered nicely and will take up less room. Ideal for Grandparents to order the book in several copies!

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