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The best holidays possible

Do you like to go on holidays by sea? You're quite right! Not only it is a type of holiday suitable for everyone, big and small, but the health benefits of staying at the sea are also very significant. Your holidays at sea will be a memorable because there are many places to visit while you are on board. Your holidays will be exceptional not only on your mood, but also on your health.

Grand Cayman-Cayman Islands

Due to its world-renowned banking system, despite its small size, the Cayman Islands are one of the richest countries in the world. This country is also known for its incredible beaches. The "Seven Mile Beach" beach is the jewel of these dream islands. It is a huge sandy beach overlooking the warm and crystalline waters of the Caribbean Sea. If you prefer a quiet holiday, but find too many people on this beach, you can find other beaches just as beautiful, but much quieter on the island of Little Cayman!

The romantic islands of Fiji

Honeymooners and families are very popular in Fiji. Indeed, this archipelago is made up of more than 300 islands, allowing everyone to make the most of this paradise destination. Located off Viti Levu Island, the Yasawa Islands are home to an incredible number of beaches overflowing with hills covered with lush tropical vegetation.

Benefits of sea air for the health

Seaside air has a well-deserved reputation for being healthy, rich in negative ions; it is also charged with iodine. Negative ions act on the human body to bring well-being and relaxation. They relieve illnesses such as asthma, fatigue, depression, migraines... As for iodine, it is simply essential for the thyroid gland to function properly. It plays an important role in the brain's growth and maturation. Hence, read thisto know the interest of taking kids on a cruise! Good news for your line, iodine naturally fosters weight loss. So breathe deeply when you walk by the sea!

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