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Tyler Larronde speaks about the best biarritz's spot of surf

Who else than the famous Tyler Larronde to talk to us about surfing. This big wave rider returns to its lands of origin, the Basque Country and more specifically Biarritz. The 23-year-old surfer touches us a word about the best surf spot in Biarritz. Your boards … surf!

The best surf spot according to Tyler Larronde

Although for a big wave rider like him, the spots of the Basque coast do not offer the sensations sought out, they remain very good spots for all the amateurs of surfing. With its modest waves, the spots of Biarritz remain very appreciated by the longboarders. Nevertheless, the surfer has a preference for one of the city beaches.

Indeed, for Tyler Larronde, the spot of the beach on the coast of the Basques is the best of the city. The beach breaks of this spot are suitable for beginners as well as seasoned surfers. Also, the other reason that Tyler prefers this spot is that there is always room to surf even when the beach is crowded. In addition, there is always a Biarritz surf rental if you do not have your equipment with you. However, the spot of the great beach of Biarritz is not bad too. Its fast waves offer several possibilities.

Why surf again in Biarritz?

According to Tyler, nothing is worth a return to his first love. Although he lives in the United States and Hawaii, he remains attached to Biarritz. Moreover, Tyler confides that his father, Michel Larronde, still lives there and that the city is full of good spots, among the most historic in Europe. It is for him the opportunity to return to see the family and enjoy the beautiful waves of the Basque Country.

Moreover, in Biarritz, the name of Larronde is a well-known name for surfing enthusiasts. Indeed, Michel Larronde, Tyler’s father, is a known surfer of the city, notably on the Grande Plage side. Thus, in the European surfing capital, the young surfer feels almost at home, with family and close to the most beautiful waves of Europe.

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